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MYGNR EXCLUSIVE: BREAKING NEWS ON GNR PLANS FOR 2014 Contrary to the feeling of frustration enveloping MyGNR, the Media Crew can exclusively tell you that things will be hotting up for GNR in 2014.

Thunderstruck, Round and Round, Highway Star?

Hahaha!! Brilliant stuff lol Southern American tour confirmed before anyone else? Tick. First date confirmed before even BBF got to know (lol)? Tick 2-3 new songs? Nope. NGogd. Although new old songs

I mean, if they actually play new songs I'm intrigued, but this isn't the first time I've heard that they were planning it. Couple that with the fact that this has no source and could easily just be the words of Frank Ferrer and... meh.

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Great story break, NGOG. I won't get too excited until it is officially announced though. The latest Newsletter message eluded to good times approaching :)

It would have been a little more fitting if you posted that image if asking how many people really care (I certainly do)

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How did you get this scoop?

The info was given to Subs, who instructed the Media Crew to report what we're allowed to.

Who gave it to subs?

How do we know this is credible?

You'll have to make your own mind up. Look it's GNR, until it's official nobody knows. That said, I would have released it if I didn't think it were true!? We'll see..

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