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I don't mean to be a curmudgeon but I'm still not going to be happy unless there are explicit details about a new album.

This. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I won't be excited until a new song, that isn't a fucking ACDC cover or some bullshit cover by The Who.

i would settle for an EP at this point.

And this. Release something already.

And after Bumble cancelled his tour AGAIN because the world revolves around Axl, I think everyone knew this was coming.

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I mean, if they actually play new songs I'm intrigued, but this isn't the first time I've heard that they were planning it. Couple that with the fact that this has no source and could easily just be the words of Frank Ferrer and... meh.

Bingo. Lets get excited like the exclusive interview with Izzy Stradlin...got dooped on that one didn't we authority?

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Ha, I am honest-to-God hoping that for the first show, they play no new songs, simply to spite dickheads (just in GNR-land. I'm sure you're fine in real life. No disrespect). Haha I would love to see the shit storm from those trolled by something like that.

Also, I'm predicting something involving Robin.

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