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Going Down will be one of the new songs to be played I reckon, Axl has played the leaks live shortly after they found their way online before.

However - better than nothing!

be interesting if more songs leak before they are played.

Ask MSL maybe he can help..

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I have do doubt that there will be live shows, but let's see if this "2 or 3 new songs" thing pans out

I personally am not getting my hopes up, out of all of the things GNR is currently known for actually following through with everything they say is not one of them.

And unfortunately it doesn't seem like a new album will surface before more touring yet again, I don't know what to think of that. Two or three songs live is something I suppose - if it happens of course

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I can only interpret this as awful news. Why are people being positvie about it? The only positive news would have surely involved new recordings?

If they're playing 2-3 new songs, things are pointing to a shift of focus towards new material. New album...

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