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Disney buys Indiana Jones rights

Georgy Zhukov

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They were good movies. Classics. Don't see how they can extend the franchise though. Plus with globalization, a lot of the themes that worked in making the film adventurous in the 1980s will appear xenophobic and antiquated in the 2010s. I never saw the last one.

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The problem is that the series revolves around a specific character, played by a specific actor, who is aging rapidly.

The only way they could pull off more movies is by doing a 007 thing and using different actors, but I don't see that working out.

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Bond has been established as a play as you go actor kind of thing. Indy is untouchable. Don't let Lucas contribute ideas to Indy 5 and it will be fine. The first half of Crystal Skull just felt like an Indy movie to me. About on par with Temple, then...the movie kept going :huh:... :shock:... :scared:... :vomit:

in that order.

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