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Samples have been leaked. Just sayin' ;)


Discussion of ALL the new clips go in this thread. All threads started on this topic will be merged with this one.


Requesting links in ANY WAY is prohibited.

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I took my guitar out of it's case once, dropped it by accident and THAT sounded better than Ashba

Humble advice to HV and mods: Ignore this shit. Don't reply to it any more than you have. I know you want to clarify things, but it only fuels another 10 pages of nonsense. Ignore the crazies and they

Just woke up to 6-7 new pages to sift through. All I can say is this: 'Memba when we all used to just be fans of a band and want to hear their music? Ahhhhh.... the good ol' days.

Of all the remixes, IfTheWorld caught my ear the most as far as the alterations done to it- it caught me off guard. Very interesting, stripped down, altered arrangement. I'm still processing the rest of them. Very cool though overall- I dig 'em all.

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