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People bitch about lack of rasp. So Axl puts rasp, and people still bitch. Typical.

(that was said with a sarcastic humorous intent, not a dig at anyone)

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I took my guitar out of it's case once, dropped it by accident and THAT sounded better than Ashba

Humble advice to HV and mods: Ignore this shit. Don't reply to it any more than you have. I know you want to clarify things, but it only fuels another 10 pages of nonsense. Ignore the crazies and they

Just woke up to 6-7 new pages to sift through. All I can say is this: 'Memba when we all used to just be fans of a band and want to hear their music? Ahhhhh.... the good ol' days.

Wait! There are leaks? What leaked?

There is a 3 minute file with samples of remixes.

There are:

Better (BBF and Ashba versions, that already leaked)

If the World (new)

Blood in the water (already known)

Oh My God (new)

Ballad of Death (studio version)

This I Love (new, different vocals)

Shackler (new)

Mi amor (studio version)

Silkworms (studio version)

Going Down (already known)

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I don't support leaks of any kind. I feel it just removes from what may-or-may-not be going on behind the scenes and just causes issues for those within Gn'R. But if they're out there, what fan can keep themselves from listening? I've enjoyed what I've heard. I just hope it doesn't fuck up future plans with Gn'R.

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For real.

If you listen to the samples, Ashba's two solos immediately jump out from the rest cause they are melodic and catchy.

Very little on CD was melodic and catchy in the first place.

I'd love to have the proper versions of Ballad of Death and Mi Amor or whatever the shit they're called.

If Axl is ever going to record more music again, maybe Ashba is what he needs. More melody and less bullshit.

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The Silkworms sample sounds insane. Like Down on the Farm combined with Oh My God. I want the full song more than anything else in the rumor tank.


the quality is weird, badly overdubbed guitar on the left channel?

They all sound like the old songs were sent to Bumble to work on, and that channel is his guitar parts (same with Going Down and OMG).

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