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Out of all the clips, SURPRISE! Silkworms is also the one that sounds the best!

You know, that song that we all thought it sucked...

I think it should be an awesome song! It sounds in the same style as the Checkmate clip, and i definitely think this track should have been on Chinese Democracy!

As Bacardi said, i also think it sounds a bit like Down in the Farm but mixed with Scraped or Riad.

Looking forward to hear the whole thing!

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Samples have been leaked. Just sayin' ;)

brain is a totally amateur remixer

the effects are so out of place, and sooo dated

Nice that these are finally out. I've been wanting to talk about how awesome ITW and TIL sound! Hope we hear these in full someday. CD remix album would be the shit.

I don't really understand your reaction here :shrugs:

This is pretty amateur and dated attempt of remix those songs

brain is a wanker when it comes to remixing skills, Evader is 1000 times better, lol

better gone is the only remixed track that i like at the moment

I really dig that Shackler's clip. They're all interesting. Wonder if this is regular Silkworms or a remix.

Stop teasing everybody and just leak them already.

More to come according to the leaker at MSL forum


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lol MSL stirring shit, he said HV wanted his real name

about an hour ago QuotePost Options Post by MSL on about an hour ago

Someone just sent me the transcript of MYGNR's chat room from tonight. If I wasn't creeped out before, I definitely am now. HV was asking around about how much damage he might be able to do to my career if he leaked my real name. Was also asking for my personal info, had someone give him my address, etc.

Great, so HV knows my birth name. Hooray. How pathetic that he's now plott

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I agree in a way, Dj is similar to Slash in that he has a simple style and sound. A more melodic poppy feel could give GNRs songs more assurance. Theres a perceived uncertainty to CD songs, all having different sounds, it doesnt have the directness of Dr Feelgood.

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That Shackler's remix was accidentally up in full on some producer's website a couple of years back but it got taken down before anyone seems to have downloaded it. Can't find the forum thread now about it.

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