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The Axl/Slash partnership issue


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Marc, do you know or anyone here knows for sure what was the offer that Axl presented Slash with after he terminated the original partnership and created a new band under the same name (in 96 I suppose)?

Slash is a little unspecific about this in the book. He first says it was an employee proposal and then says Axl tried to convince him they will be partners. So was he offered the position of an employee only or the position of a partner?

I'm asking because even though I never blame any particular side for the split in this case I cannot imagine a situation in which Slash stays in the band as an employee. Considering that they have created this band together, that it was a dream come true by the mutual effort of best friends and that they both devoted their entire lives to this an employee offer afterwards would be something I'd consider as an ultimate betrayal, a slap in the face or worse still a spit in the face if I were Salsh...

And if it was an employee offer was Axl aware of the fact that he was actually pushing him out at that moment or it didn't cross his mind?

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I suppose it wouldn't. But it's not only about the money. Such things as status, position, etc. also matter especially when it is a "family business" based on mutual trust.

I don't know what were the real circumstances of giving the name away to Axl but whatever they were this was done by Slash volountarily so I would suppose he did not expect Axl would use the occasion to degrade him and put him in a position of another Gilby Clarke or Matt Sorum just with a big salary. Or else I think he wouldn't have done it under no circumstances unless he was so high he didn't have a clue he was doing it. Which is unlikely. So the fact he did it probably involved some degree of trust that Axl would not use that against him. And if Axl lowers his status in such a way then he does use it against him in a big way. Well, I would certainly feel f****d in the ass big time if something like that happened.

Which is why I think that it was quite important whether this was an employee or partnership offer.

Anyway, thanks for your answer, Marc. :)

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The "burning hills" fax was to me all about Axl sorting a lot of things out at the time. Considering Axl was paying a lot of money out to lawyers, I think there was a lot of "I don't care how you do it, just do it" and he can say he had no part in it.

When someone writes a book, do they usually have a lawyer read through the book in case there's something the publisher can be sued for? When Anthony was working on the book with Slash, I'm sure he was told things that never made it in the book.

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