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Axl's live guest spots



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Rock N Roll - with Shark Island

Free Fallin' & Heartbreak Hotel - with Tom Petty

Salt of the Earth - with The Rolling Stones

Piece of Me & Hair of the Dog - with Gak

Knockin' on Heaven's Door - with U2

We Will Rock You & Bohemian Rhapsody - with Queen

Come Together - with Bruce Springsteen

What's your favorite?

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I get the feeling Axl relished opportunities to perform for different crowds, and to outperform other singers. He just has an edge about him in these videos. He is so far ahead of everyone else. It's crazy how amazing of a performer he was in his prime. I guess that's why he's considered one of if not the greatest frontman of all time.

If we could bring every great singer into one competition and have them all be in their prime Axl would win hands down. He just encompasses everything that makes music great!

I wish everyone would take the time to watch videos of his performances. He's not as celebrated a singer as he should be, but if everyone watched these they wouldn't accept 90% of the music performances now.

Piece of me was my favorite by the way, he's too awesome in that one!

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That freddie mercury tribute still gives me tingles man... to see how far axl came... from buttfuck indiana (no offense) to the dirty streets of LA, to sharing a stage with sir elton john in front of over 70000 people is pretty damn amazing... but ultimately i think that moment may have been what put axls ego over the top and well... you know the rest

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You forgot about the performances with Kid Rock and Sebastian Bach.

With Baz there was the Rip Magazine thing that's already here, the times when he was on stage with GNR and those three songs on his album which were studio; with Kid Rock there was just one time when he played with GNR. I don't remember Axl ever joining them on their own stage.

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