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Vince Neil vs Axl Rose


Vince Neil vs Axl Rose  

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Vince Neil has always been a joke.....failing that a commercial joke. Axl has saved some integrity, and is fitter both in mind and body (despite being a fatty) that he can orchestrate better music from his band and deliver better vocals and melody.......and with that comes being able to scrap better than Vince (lol at this guy, always has been the biggest pussy imo)

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Axl has saved some integrity


Axl is fitter in both mind

Axl Rose bites leg of security guard http://www.theguardian.com/world/2006/jun/28/arts.artsnews

and body


Axl can orchestrate better music from his band

Since we don't have any music from this band yet we'll go by this

Axl can deliver better vocals and melody


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Ballad of Death is better than Motley Crue's entire discography put together, and Ballad of Death is shit.

Motley Crue is literally the worst thing ever. Not band, thing. There is not a single person, place, object or event that is/was worse than the existence of this band.

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Why are you so desperate to espouse somewhat controversial opinions? As people criticize you for liking Motley, you've progressively become more ardent in your view. It reeks of attention seeking as opposed to any genuine attempt at defending something you "love".

If you actually regard Vince Neil as being superior to an in-form Axl Rose - and this isn't what I suspect it to be, a blatant attempt at baiting people - then you are simply an inferior human being.

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Funny how some people actually seem to get angry about Motley Crue. Or really, how people get angry about any kind of music. Whatever happened to simply liking or disliking a band or type of music? Why can't people just dislike something without having to go into full rant hate mode? I've never understood that.


Axl Rose defeats Vince Neil by a mile.

Better albums.

Better singer.

Better live.

Not really even a close competition.

Cool that somebody people hate Motley Crue or think they sucked or think that nobody liked them. But they were a great band for awhile who put out a lot of fun rock music. They were heads and tails above other popular bands from their genre and era, like Winger, Warrant, Poison and those types. The album Too Fast For Love and songs like Don't Go Away Mad, Dr. Feelgood, Kickstart my Heart - fun songs from a band that liked to have a good time.

LOL, of course, when people who think Kayne West is a musical genius and a lyrical poet come and bash bands like Motley Crue......you just have to shake your head and laugh!

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That is like comparing Elvis to David Hasselhoff.

Compare Axl to someone who explodes on stage. Someone good at least!

Sorry if you are serious about liking Vince but he was always

just there, instantly forgettable, sexy like an STD, fronting a band that might have been

on my radar with anyone else who doesn't remind me of a t.v. game show host!

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I enjoy both Motley and GNR.

However at least in his prime, Axl was one of the absolute best front men of all time, he destroys Vince in terms of charisma, stage presence, songwriting, vocal range, tone, vocal stamina, hard to imitate style - basically on any given metric - Axl is easily in front.

That's not to insult vince, he's great in motley and good at what he does. I actually like the band.

But vintage Axl is a real monster and slays nearly anyone when you start looking at him as a complete package.

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Motley Crue is a shit band, there I said it. Put Van Halen and Kiss into a blender and you get Motley Crue, not as good as either. They are one of the most overrated bands in the history of rock. Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee are the only ones in that band with any decent talent. Motley helped rush in the "hair band" era of rock. The era that Guns n' Roses helped destroy a few years later. Fuck Motley!!!

For the record, has Vince ever even wrote a song worth a damn? I'm pretty sure Nikki wrote all their "hits".

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