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Rock in Rio 2


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Watched parts of night one last night. I think I have seen parts of night two also (night one Axl wears mostly Stars and Stripes shorts vs all white trousers on night two right?)

Anyway, night one seems to top night two in my opinion. It seemed like quite a significant show in many ways and is quite interesting also.

My recollections of night two amount to Axl forgetting a series of lines of lyrics, in some case, getting a line mixed up and in others just mumbling something. This isn't too much to get worked up about but I hear often that this ranks as one of the best shows, I don't think it can be considered a "best show" when the singer is missing lines to songs and getting lyrics muddled up. I think Axl did this on night one also but to not a great an extent.

Point 2: if I remember correctly, Axl seemed stoned during night 2, grins and a low intensity performance, it didn't strike me as a memorable performance. I can't think of another show where Axl appeared this way so don't draw this conclusion lightly. Plus the forgetting of lyrics seemed way worse during night 2.

Point 3: Axl sounded absolutely killer during night one. Despite some missed lines.

The set list was pretty cool (night one), quite short and including Dead Horse and Estranged.

I think I'm correct in saying these shows were before the release of UYI so these songs would have been unknown. I only really say this (well I know the show was in '91 and the albums were released in Sep '91) because of the very noticeable difference in audience reaction to UYI vs Appetite songs).

The RIR shows (all of them) are quite interesting to Guns fans as the band played all of them after lengthy lay offs, I think RIR2 has been remarked as Axl's first rehearsal with the band in a year or so.

A question, would this have been Guns' first introduction to shows of this magnitude? It was Matt's and I think Dizzy's first show, but save for Farm aid, was this by quite a margin the biggest thing the band had done up until that point? Axl seemed quite overwhelmed at points (commenting in having never seen anything like it). It's quite significant in that case, the club and openers band's first taste of the big time. Axl's performance is less oiled than in later years, still awesome though, Slash killed it.

What do you guys think?

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This sub-forum is a waste of time. I didn't even know it existed, what is the point considering the range of topics discussed in the main forum? Such as the Christmas incedent?

This is a discussion about one of the biggest ever concerts played by the band, can't see why it can't be in the main forum.

Has anybody ever made a post in this forum?

Thanks mods for ensuring no one will ever discuss this show.

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When you talk of one night being clearly better, I think you're talking about the second night. Which was I think, actually a few days later.

I think he realized the first night was shit and stepped up his game. Or maybe (likely) the first night was the first time he had sung in along time. So there was some rust to shake off. It's one of my fave shows for sure. PC in particular really stands out. *EDIT* - And Pretty Tied Up. He kills it.

I wish they'd remaster some of these old shows and release them.

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The fans in Rio got two shows which must have been amazing, I think for anyone playing to a crowd like that, esp. the pop acts (maybe not the New Kids at that point), it could be intimidating but they were ready for it. Now with festival shows being commonplace it's not as special but Coachella does 2 weekends, not a week straight.

They played Giants Stadium (the Paradise City video) and Donington by then, but they weren't the headliners and the crowds might not have been big. I think the Stones shows were LA Coliseum and that's probably 100K people.

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