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Popular bands you think are shit


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Every band that's above average popular will be overrated to some


And some people - for some reason - always seem to hate anything that becomes popular.

Wf*ckina - why do feel those three bands are overrated? It's going to be hard for people to agree with you, simply because those three bands have accomplished SO much, as well as influenced so many other bands/wanna-be musicians.

Just for example, let's take The Beatles. They simply owned a generation of music. Millions of fans love them - still to this day. Their success has lasted for decades. And hundreds if not thousands of other musicians (their peers) all give huge amounts of props to them. So how can they be overrated? How much more success can a band have than The Beatles? What more could they have done, so that in your mind, they would no longer be "overrated? Put out 10 more number one songs? Sold 20 million more albums? Have people still love them 30 years from now?

Maybe the real issue here is in how you worded your question.

Do you mean who do we really think is overrated (Justin Bieber)..............or who do we personal feel is overrated (For you, The Beatles)? Meaning you understand why they are popular, you just don't like their music.

For me, the first part





Daft Punk

Greatful Dead

Those are bands that I've listen to numerous times and each time turn it off and wonder "why do people love this, it's terrible."

For me, the second part

Motorhead is probably the biggest. I just don't get how anybody would find their music enjoyable. His voice is so rough, the music sounds like a thousand other bar bands. I can't imagine how anybody would want to listen to his voice for 45 minutes straight.

Ted Nugent. OK, Cat Scratch Fever was a big hit. But what else?

Not all people, but I think a lot of people are just caught up in the Lemmy Is God image and saying you like motorhead is an attempt to make yourself look edgier or like you are a "real" rocker and not some phony rocker who listens to Poison. Kind of like how it's cooler to say you like Van Halen but hate Van Hagar.

Just my opinion though.

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Ted Nugent. OK, Cat Scratch Fever was a big hit. But what else?

So two songs in 30 years?

Yep. And not a damn thing of any worth since.

Oh I wasn't attempting to make a case for Nugent or anything. Just pointing out that Stranglehold kicks ass.

As do many of his 1970's albums before he started ranting about guns and politics in his music and at his concerts...........in 1975 saw him open for Aerosmith at the Schaefer Music Fest in Central Park NYC and again opening for Black Sabbath in 78 and he was excellent both shows......

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