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RIP Tom Laughlin


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I know a lot of you are very young, but this actor also died this weekend.

He's famous for playing the character of Billy Jack. He did three movies playing this character. The movies were made in the early 70's.

Billy Jack was an ex soldier who served in Vietnam and came home and tried to live a quiet life.

He lived in this little town where there was a school that had many different races of children and teens that went there. Of course, there were lots of bigots in this little town who didn't like the "hippies" who lived at the school.

Anyway, Billy Jack would come in and save the school and kick a lot of ass! He's kind of like a lesser known Chuck Norris.

I did watch this movie again a few months ago on a cable channel and it does seem very dated now. I mean it was made in 71 or 72 and yet everyone was still a hippie, which really ended in the late 60's.

It did become a cult fave and Tom put up his own money to make this film, which became very popular after it was released.

Anyway, he died this weekend and I thought he should be remembered.

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