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Your Favorite November Rain? (01-13)


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Wow, this one was really good too.

I forget that they had shows in 2007, I'm sure Axl was beginning to get frustrated at this time though. Multiple interviews in 06 showed he was ready for the record to be released that year. Sucks it didn't happen.

I think 07 he started to gain a few pounds and so maybe some of the motivation was lost, but regardless he sounds great here! Might have to go listen to the rest of the audio from that show.

Thanks for posting!

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I like that LA 06 show one too! Awesome

Is it just me or does it seem like Axl rushes through November Rain now compared to 06 when the song seemed slowed down? It just feels like the song is moving faster now, and I think it would benefit Axl to slow it down a bit.

Idk might just be me

It is faster, it comes in at just over 8 minutes these days. I agree, I would prefer it slower, it'd be nice if he brought back the full intro, too.

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