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No. I liked the show and was fine with the ending. Claire sure was a babe though...

I think they wrote more scenes for the fanboys. But she was such a bad character.

They really fucked up Sylar. He was such a good evil character, then they made him good, then bad then good again. They should have never fucked with Peter's character either.

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It was one of those shows that got fucked by the Writer's Strike. The first season was phenomena but seasons two and three blew. It is a shame what happened. Could have been one of the best shows on television.

This. But it's a difficult one too. I mean the whole discovering you have powers bit was great. But really where do you go from there without ending up in repetitive superhero showdowns? Sylar was fucking awesome. The part with Claire and her dad as well. Then the plots with Peter, Nathan and their mom And the whole deal with Hiro.... I really dug that. But it's difficult to evolve. Either you stay wih secret superhero's or you end up in an x-men type of deal where people realize there are mutants. Somehow, I feel this series would have been epic if it was one season with a huge climax of all the sepperate plots meeting.

Prison Break had this problem as well. Season 1 was fucking amazing. But where to go from there? They sure as hell turned that to crap too...

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If the show had loose ends, then they should do a miniseries on a cable channel using the 5th season scripts, then see how it fares. There's other ways, like making it into an animated series and having the cast take part in it that way. I just think trying to get all the people back would be a huge chore.

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