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What CD songs would you choose as singles and how would their music videos be?


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Imagination time, kids!

If you could choose 3 or 4 songs as singles for CD, and produce/direct their music videos with high budgets like back in the UYIs, how would them be?

Here's mine:

1st Single: Better. Music video: Fake live performance in a heavily chinese-inspired stage, with back-stage and studio-time scenes.

2nd Single: There Was A Time. Swtiches between Axl walking around and singing in Shanghai at night with blurred car lights and chinese signs, Axl in a strip bar drinking whisky while singing and watching a girl dance and Axl and the band playing in an empty, half lit stadium that gets filled with the audience and full stage lights and props in the end when the buckethead solo comes in.

3rd Single: I.R.S: Live shots from the CD worls tour in many countries.

C'mon people, don't be lazy let your imagination flow! :D

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1. Shackler's Revenge

A video of some maniac trying to kill someone and a police chase.


A video of old axl performances and then towards the end some new stuff.


Some whore and her bitter ex husband or boyfriend.

4. Prostitute

Just some old seeming videos, walking on a beach.

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