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Las Vegas investigation into Guns N' Roses police helicopter tour concluded

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Imagine when the pilots find out that the guy who said he was in Guns N Roses and was wearing a top-hat actually wasn't Slash and was some ring in called DJ Ashba: supreme intergalactic superstar, with no real actual relevance to the GNR universe or any real significance at all.

The least he could do is Fed Ex them a couple of those dope DJ Ashba leg warmers or air fresheners. Either one would suffice.

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This is both sad and funny at the same time. At the end of the day the police officers had the duty to say "no". DJ tried his luck, and mr demented got his way again.

It is funny to think that someone who looks like DJ, as good as ended your 25 year career. But it's the police officers fault in the end, should of never have agreed to do it.

But yes in any case I would agree that this makes DJ look even more of an asshole.

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