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10 Best Horror Movies of 2013


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Seriously you guys liked the Lords of Salem?

I saw it in the theatre and hated it. It was so confusing and not at all scary.

Rob Zombie said he figured people would love it or hate it and he didn't care which. I thought that was a sucky thing to say since I spent $10 on this shit movie.

It could have been so much better with the actors he had in this movie, but the whole ending felt like it was a bad acid trip.

I actually like the Halloween remake, but not the second Halloween.

Rob is taking time off from making horror films and I think he should. lol

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Must have been a shit year for horror films if Slash's move made this list :shrugs:

10. World War Z

9. Contracted

8. Nothing Left to Fear

7. The Lords of Salem

6. Would You Rather

5. Hatchet 3

4. V/H/S 2

3. The Conjuring

2. You’re Next

1. Evil Dead


Slash's movie made the list because it was scary how shitty the soundtrack was. I'd put it at #1.

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