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The Rights of Minorities


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If we have rights for minorities and that's a part of what makes us 'so great', then the only alternative that I can think of, in the free world, is France, and;

"In your face France you republic!"

France is a republic who do what's best for the majority; The majority took offense to the burqa and banned them in public there.

I guess having the rights of minorities does show tolerance.

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Guest Len B'stard

I don't think allowing people to have human rights is necessarily something to be ringing your own bell over mate :lol: 'look, we don't flog em or shoot rubber bullets at em or anything, we're lovely!' :lol:

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Lol, I mean, we're good to the world, we're not it's doormat though, but we are a nanny state.

Refugees from Russia having to prove their gay in the UK is a tarnish on our records for human rights. :lol: IDK.

Prove your gay? but you can come if being gay'll get you kidnapped and beaten and stuff.

France... is a republic, and it banned the burqa, that's all I know.

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I do not understand a word you are saying Pit but you do remind me of Vanilla Ice. Or that white kid who runs into a bit of bother with 'some brothers' in the Clint Eastwood film, Grand Torino haha!

I think France is about a multicultural as Britain. When I was in Paris last, I never saw a genuine beret wearing stripey shirted onion chomping white De Gaulle type characters. It was all 'brothers' from Senegal and Algeria.

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