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The T.V. Show Thread

Georgy Zhukov

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watched the first 3 episodes of the new season of House of Cards....can't say much without spoiling anything

Very excited to start, I watched the first 12 the week it was released last year, will probably start the new season today.

It starts off with a bang in the first ep...but I will say no more!!

and I only watched season 1 last month, but I watched em all in 3 days...I'll probably watch this whole season thru the weekend

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While recuperating I really got i to MI-5, the first three seasons. I think it's called Spooks in the UK.

I really liked Macfadyen, so have just started watching Ripper Street. It is really good too. It was cancelled but people called for it to come back, so second season is now on.

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Started the american office. Never knew its pretty much an exact remake of the english version. Noticed its got loads of seasons and the episodes get longer so I presume it turns into its own idea eventually.

it does

the first season, they were trying really hard to be like the uk version and it wasn't working

after that, they found their own voice and the show became much better

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