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Let's take a moment to appreciate that Axl is NOT doing something like this...

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You know, there are so many things that can be criticized related to GN'R over the past few years (and indeed such things do get criticized here on a daily basis), and I've never exactly been one who's always able to look at the glass as being half full when it comes to some of these issues, so I'm not trying to sugarcoat anything with this thread. But I am a huge fan of the musician Prince and I just read this article today and it made me think, things could really be worse for us fans of Axl:


Prince is suing 22 internet users believed to be among his fans, accusing them of sharing bootlegs of his concerts. The musician is demanding $1m (£605,000) each from the owners of websites and Facebook pages that he claims enabled the free distribution of recordings of his concerts.

The 21-page lawsuit was filed last week at San Francisco's US district court, reported Consequence of Sound. The mostly anonymous defendants are accused of engaging in "massive infringement and bootlegging of Prince's material", with each web page contributing to "up to thousands of separate acts of infringement and bootlegging".

The targets aren't bootleg factories in Asia or eastern Europe, but websites with links to download decades-old live recordings

I guess the upside there is that Prince continually records music whereas Axl doesn't, but at least Axl isn't actively suing his fans for spreading bootlegs of thirty-year-old concerts, eh? This isn't exactly the most pertinent GN'R-related topic but there's not much to talk about right now anyway and I wanted to provide this article so that we could maybe be appreciative of the fact that this kind of thing isn't going on. :lol:

Imagine being the poor fan getting that letter in the mail demanding 1 million pounds for sharing a decades-old bootleg. Mind-boggling. I love Prince but he is a sheer idiot when it comes to his fanbase. Axl may do a lot of things (seemingly) ill-fated but at least he was cool about the Internet and its effect on fans bootlegging concerts.

That is so incredibly stupid! :lol: Seriously, get over it. Or better yet, join the "offiicial bootlegs" community.

The kind of people that are even remotely interested in bootlegs probably own all your official material already anyway.

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Could never understand artists going after fans trading bootleg concert recordings since if anything it helps promote their music and as others have stated they are not losing money on these as they are artist is not selling them. The fans trading bootlegs most likely have bought all the official releases several times over.

Interesting interview with Roger Glover of Deep Purple where he discusses his views on bootlegs

“I had a meeting with some bootleggers many years ago in Germany; we had a big discussion about bootlegs, and they said ‘Listen, bootleggers are not ripping you off; you’re not losing money because of bootleggers. The fact that other people are making money from your music is indisputable, but you’re not losing money. It’s not money out of your pocket. In fact, the people who buy these things have already bought your albums probably two or three times already.’

“It was a potent argument, and I sympathize with that. Besides, they presented me with something I’d not heard in years, which was a recording of us doing [something] for a BBC session. It was a song that was written on the spur of the moment, just a blues, very fast, and it’s great; I love it. But it was never formally written and recorded. That’s the only version of it, and I said, ‘Wow, it’s so wonderful to hear this; I’d forgotten all about it!’ So it’s through bootlegs — or, at least, bootleggers — that things like that even exist.”

- See more at: http://www.goldminemag.com/article/how-does-deep-purple-really-feel-about-bootlegs#sthash.3PRvae0l.dpuf

Well I guess this destroys the oft-repeated notion that Axl is such a maniacal litigator or litigious maniac.

Yeah because the fact he is not suing his fans over audience recordings makes all the law suits he is/has been involved in over the years magically disappear................... :lol:

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Well I guess this destroys the oft-repeated notion that Axl is such a maniacal litigator or litigious maniac.

Not understanding your conclusion. Because one artist sues somebody..........that wipes the slate clean of everything Axl has done in the past concerning lawsuits? Are you saying that Axl doesn't sue people or isn't involved in any more lawsuits than the average musical act. Or that when people talk about him in that fashion, they are lying or are just ignorant as to what the actual facts are?

Not being sarcastic, seriously don't understand the point you are trying to make.

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I hate to disagree, but if this was happening with GnR old concerts, do we really think that Axl/Beta wouldn't be all over getting it shut down? That crazy maribeth got thousands of GnR fan recordings shut down on youtube and Beta/Axl approved of that.

Prince has always been crazy and a little weird about things like this. And it does seem like a dick move on his part to go after fans. But in his defense, he has given away his music, he has released music through his fan club and the guy has literally released around 50 albums worth of material for his fans to enjoy. Including live albums.

Axl has given us nine albums? I could be missing one. Appetite, Lies, 2 Illusions, SI, 2 live, greatest hits and CD. Prince has released 50.

I guess I don't really care if the guy is a complete prick in real life. Releasing 50 albums worth of material for your fans to enjoy.........I'll take that any day over a singer who wants to be my best friend and who loves puppies and kittens and who smiles all the time!

There is also another poster on MSL site who is taking notes on various forum members. I'd watch out for what you say :)

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Prince doesn't do anything for free, when he "gives" his music to a newspaper he gets a lucrative payment from said paper, just like when Slash released his album through Classic rock magazine. It's also a huge publicity move. Now, to the important question - Is the music that he continually releases any good? is it music for music sake or an actual great release, is he treading water or his making a new statement.

I'm not saying Axl is a robin hood figure or anything, he wants to make money and he probably wouldn't be too pleased by a similar website.

Prince is a nutcase and his rationale is far and away from a regular individuals mindset.

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Not sure if Prince is fading, I was just reading in a mainstream newspaper his live show is lauded as one of the best there is (it is)

Prince dropped charges it seems. And will release a new song soon. Your turn Axl.

I'm out of likes :lol:

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Prince is an absolute cunt of a person. He never signs or poses with fans. He lives on another planet. He is a pompous prick.

Prince is a total cunt. Luckily he at least makes amazing music.

I agree with the first part :P I don't think he has made any decent music for quite some time..

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