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Guns N' Roses X Dr Pepper video?

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I don't find that video on YouTube, does anyone has it? I used to have it on my channel, but, well... Warchild took it down. Thank you.

It's a really good and professional video, with cut pieces of lots of journalists talking about Dr. Pepper's proposal to Axl and Chinese Democracy.

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So was Axl happy or pissed with Dr Pepper?

Well i think he dropped the lawsuit so...

So he was happy, then pissed, then indifferent? What was the lawsuit about exactly?

the lawyers started a lawsuit because dr pepper didn't keep up on they're end of the bargain, but axl dropped it saying his lawyers acted without his consent.

Imo it was one of the few times where axl was 100% right to sue and he decided to drop it...funny

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