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Would anybody like to see a sequel to The A-Team?

Guest NGOG

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At the time of its release, it didn't really get a particularly positive response. I think it's a very good action piece and I would like to see a sequel.

Genius casting.

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It's possible they could make a sequel, it doesn't hurt that Bradley Cooper's become a bigger star since then, and a lot of people got to see it on home video. I just don't think it had the kind of success "Highlander" was able to have to warrant a sequel (which tanked I think) and a TV series (which still has a following).

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Guest Len B'stard

The problem with these things is that the charm of the original is, once you're older, how shit it was :lol: It was basically a violent show for little kids now if you're gonna take that template and try and make a serious film out of it you're setting yourself up for a fall, unless you're gonna try and replicate the shit-charm of it which again is very dangerous because you are excusing or inserting less than sterling elements into something that you are presenting to people with a view to making it successful, it's simply not as easy as the old formula will work today.

Also, the iconography of it, you simply cannot replace someone like Mr T..don't get me wrong, Faceman, George Peppard etc were all as iconic in their roles but you could at least go about transplanting a similar person in that role...who the fuck is or ever was similar to Mr T? :lol: There's no father to that boys stylee :lol: Or sons.

Kitsch charm is a very difficult thing to replicate because it is case and time specific.

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