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If you had to replace DJ and Ron with one NEW guitarist, who would it be?

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I say new guitarist because I don't want everyone picking Bucket or Robin or Richard.

The way I look at it, DJ and Ron are just two guitarists doing what Slash basically could do by himself (Inb4 oh all of the CD songs had 3 guitar parts etc. etc.) DJ handles the riffs and Ron handles the more proficient shredding. This setup works since DJ and Ron help cover each other's shortcomings.

But what if forever reason, GNR went back to a lead/rhythm lineup reminiscent of the "classic" era and DJ and Ron's roles were fused back into one guitarist? Who in your opinion would be competent enough to take on both of these roles and be a good fit for the band?

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Zakk would definitely beef up the music. He definitely overpowers Slash in the times he has played with him. Makes me think he'd turn GNR into a metal band though.

But oh God what if they got Mark Tremonti bwhahahahahahah.


I could somewhat see Kenny Wayne Shepherd or Jonny Lang taking the helm.

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