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The White Stripes Appreciation Thread


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I fucking LOVE The White Stripes. Meg still lives very near me and I'm told she frequents a bar that we're in now and again. I would kinda like to spot her, but I'm also afraid I'd loose my shit and freak her out haha.

I'm hoping that this year's RSD piece is finally Get Behind Me Satan as it's the only LP I don't own.

I have many, many, many favorites, but here's one of my Top 5:


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I LOVE the stripes! I remember my family and I bought three of their records at once and for a whole year they were all I listened to! I bummed they broke up :(

What do you guys think of Jack White's projects outside of the White Stripes? Personally I like some songs he does here and there but I think his ego is too big.

EDIT: even tho I don't like his attitude, I'll admit he's very original and deserves credit for that both in and out of TWS

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Great band, but am I the only fan who strongly dislikes "Ball and Biscuit"? It feels very aimless and doesn't have the energy the other songs on Elephant have. Makes me thankful they didn't do any longer songs outside of it.

But yeah great band. Elephant is my favorite.

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Inspired by this thread, I listened to Get Behind Me Satan straight through yesterday for the first time in years. What a bad ass album.

Maybe since it was after White Blood Cells and Elephant, it took me awhile to get into Satan. But once I did, it's a classic in my eyes. And they bang these albums out in like 1 and 2 weeks, crazy.

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