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Best Episode Ever!


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Episodes from television shows that stand out.

Saw Star Trek TNG Season 2, Episode 3 Elementary, Dear Data for the first time since the 90s the other day online.

Episodes you like over others...

Star Trek TNG - Elementary, Dear Data S3, E02

Star Trek Voyager - In The Blink Of An Eye S6 E12

The X Files - Bad Blood, S5 E12

The Simpsons - Treehouse Of Horror IV S5 E5

The Twilight Zone - A Stop At Willoughby S1 E30

Absolutely Fabulous - Morocco S2 E3

Sabrina The Teenaged Witch - The Band Episode S2 E18

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids: The Television Series - "Honey, It's No Fun Being an Illegal Alien" S1 E22

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The episode of the original Star Trek series where that Irish Federation guy (Finnigan) keeps saying "fight me Jimmy!" to Kirk, and when he is beat he shovels a handful of soil into his hands and chucks it into Kirk's face yelling "DIRT!" and then continues brawling.

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I used to love watching this show when it was new; I was young/my parents were sick...

So you can imagine my joy when this American program came to my neighbourhood and in and around Southwark...

Young me didn't quite understand it, but I loved it all the more; and then to top it off, they added vampires & zombies!

Tales From The Crypt - Cold War S7 E6


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How could anyone choose anything from How I Met Your Mother's latest season?

The episode about the mother's backstory was a masterpiece. And there's been some other really great episodes too (The Lighthouse, Platonish, and Vesuvius come to mind). My second favorite episode is either The Sweet Taste Of Liberty (S1 E3), or Three Days Of Snow (S4 E13).

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