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Further controversy surrounds Appetite For Democracy

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Despite things finally looking up for Appetite For Democracy, the production has once again been subject to frustrating delays. No longer than a week ago Rock Fuel was proud to announce an array of cinema screenings for early April; yet local cinema outlets quickly spread word that the release had unfortunately been cancelled.

The co-owner of this website received the following information from two very reliable sources:

I've been told that Slash is expressly and solely responsible for the delay, and is digging his heels in the ground for more revenue. Take that as you will, but it's come directly from two separate and very reliable sources (and no, NOT the Lebeis family).

Further details:

Someone - that I cannot disclose - basically emailed and said something along the lines of "Axl's done his best to get this out and get behind it, but Slash is making life very awkward by blocking the licensing and further delaying the process".

His opinion was this was being done for revenue reasons only; but the other source said it was done purely to frustrate Axl - knowing he'll be blamed for it whilst Slash comes put smelling of roses (again, this is NOT my opinion but it WAS expressed and the sources are very real).

Alas, it would appear the feud between Axl Rose and Slash Hudson is still very much alive.

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