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New Metallica song "Lords of Summer" debuts at first show of South American Tour


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It's nowhere near as great as the Black Album stuff, but still much better then most of what they've done recently (from what I've heard, that is). I don't really love it, but I would enjoy hearing a studio version of this at some point.

Nah, this ain't a patch on The Day That Never Comes or All Nightmare Long really.

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Needs some trimming down.

Exactly. Some of the new Metallica songs are long as fuck just for the sake of being long as fuck. Completely unnecessarily. Like Judas KISS. That aong would've been awesome if ir qere 5min long tops.

I respectfully digress about Judas Kiss. The best comment I thought about the song was that it was an 8 min. song that felt like 4 min. since it had enough stuff to keep me intrigued the whole time. As for the new song, it's not bad, but it doesn't really wow me like the 1st two tracks of Death Magnetic and All Nightmare Long, but the song is in a decent direction and hope the journey ends well.

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i have no faith in metallica to put out a good album, the magic is gone.


Cool riff and all, but Hetfield has completely forgotten what a vocal melody or hook is and just shouts crap into the mic...it's all the fucking same song now.

Lords Of Summer just keeps reminding me of Boys Of Summer heheh...

I was half expecting Dickfield to be sitting around a campfire on the beach strumming this one out while wearing a hoodie ala Jack Johnson or that Sevendust SHIT.

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