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Ashba says "Axl finished his parts on CD II"

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rough translation from Google.

Daren Jay Ashba , DJ , that pattern is extremely dedicated worker . Owner envied by many jobs , which was Slash , the tattooed guitarist of Guns N 'Roses is full of praise to the controversial boss, who arrives in Brazil for the third time , on Thursday ( 20 ) . The agenda nine shows in the country begins in Rio de Janeiro , in the HSBC Arena , and only ends in Fortaleza , on 17 April. Meanwhile , the band still makes presentations in Argentina , Chile and Bolivia.

" I do not know how people see from the outside, but working with Axl has been an honor , a pleasure , a blessing . 's Face is one of the most talented people I've worked with , and have worked with many people . He is a amazing composer, ' performer ' and a nice guy , "he told the UOL musician in the band since 2009 , and which today is divided between Guns and Sixx : AM --- design bassist Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe .
Technical , melodic and shoes in blues style, Ashba follows the same playbook that inspired the mythical and disheveled original guitarist . But , by the book of substitutes prevents comparisons and possible clashes with the head honcho . After years of disagreements , Axl has arrived rating Slash as "cancer " group.
Stranger to controversy , says DJ playing in Guns N 'Roses is far from being a dictatorship . Democracy exists. And it is not in quotation marks , as the Chinese . " Axl chose the band finger, and it was for a reason . We're on top and we have tremendous respect for each other . And one thing that stands out is how he loves share space with each of us . He gives us all of time and space to do our own soil . , we can do whatever we want . "
The freedom described by guitarist sometimes interpreted with pure megalomania in concert , can also be seen on the band's next album . Just like its predecessor, the " eternally " delayed " Chinese Democracy " (2008 ) , the new work open space for compositions of the other members . Axl As already mentioned in interviews , there are tons of new songs that will surely be stoned to exhaustion . Still unnamed , the album is pretty much done .
" Axl now finished doing his part in the studio . And I just redo mine. Already we are in the studio a few years ago . As a group , our goal has always been produce a new album ," says DJ .
If fans probably will have to wait much less than 15 years of production of " Chinese Democracy " , a possible release date is kept confidential . Probably not Axl Rose , in the midst of his perfectionism , have a vague idea .
" I'm not the one to put dates on things . We did a lot of stuff . And absolutely do not we rush to launch . Do not want to release something that is not marked , after so much time working . I think , when we feel that time has come , he will be launching . "
The release of the new album by Guns N 'Roses would then let the hard rock needed to finally get back to the fore after the commercial success of bands like Avenged Sevenfold ? " When I saw the live rock and hard rock . During a break , for example, the disco music was great , and now you see the new pop bands making music disc new, stylish pop . Guess everything back after a while , even if it is not so original . "

i'm portuguese, so the title is 100% acurate.

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I hate reading things like this letting me getting my hopes up... I wish Axl would give an interview. I know why he doesn't.... If he gives an interview and says the band are preparing a new album that starts the clock and in his eyes the media are not on his case for a new album, and maybe that's quite freeing for him, he did mention that he felt it was hard to block out all the media and fan attention the CD wait had brought up. If work is being done by Axl he is doing it in his own time and without many people maybe even close band members knowing just to avoid info leaks. In some crazy way I can understand this, if that's how he likes to work so be it, it's weird it's not the norm but I lie in hope that he is working on a new release and we can expect it for the tail end of this year or the start of next.

I'm not holding my breath, if they play new material tonight I'll be extremely happy and maybe I'll feel some excitement for this band again... it has been a while!

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I just relayed this pic to a friends fb page because he didn't believe me when I told him about this pic earlier today.

:rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol:

:dj: = bullshitting about new album

I was coming to this thread to leave this exact post.

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