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Estranged vs November Rain


What masterpiece do you like better?  

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I think November Rain flows better, there's just the one major transition to the ending part. Estranged on the other hand just keeps starting and stopping, starting and stopping, quite a few times, and so it feels like every time the groove gets going, the rug gets pulled from underneath it.

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November Rain, always. Apart from a brief period where I first discovered Estranged and was really into it. Now I mostly just listen to the first half when I listen to it.

November Rain was the GNR song I loved before I even loved GNR. Estranged is in my top 5, but I'd give 2nd place to TWAT.

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I'd give 2nd place to TWAT.

GTFO. No one's talking about that CD shit in here. :lol:

It's the song that for me showcases Axl's lyricism and the talent of guitarists under the GNR name best next to November Rain. Bucket's TWAT solo is mindblowing, but Slash's NR solos just have a bit more feel to them. They're both songs that can be emotionally draining when I'm in a certain mood.

SOD, on the other hand, seems like it tried to be NR Part II but just fails miserably. It's like moreblack's description of Estranged, just stops and starts, and Finck's solos are good but they're just out of place in the song, and the song just plods along. November Rain may be slow in places but there's a passion and an innocence that keeps it going. Along with Nights in White Satin, it's the perfect expression of teenage love.

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