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Road Rage Gone Bad

Ace Nova

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This was on our news tonight, bit confusing when you're on the opposite side of the road to us. We have to stay to the left so fast traffic can pass on the right. I think the passenger was filming not the driver, is she doing the correct speed or is 50mph slow for a fast lane?

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I always bark and threaten the selfishly and nonchalantly slow in peak hour. Fuck em all. And I do that on behalf of every poor son of a bitch that's being caught in peak hour traffic. Same for fuckheads that overtake you for no reason. Happened to me near work and I got so fuckin pissed I chased the cunt at 140 kmh and got out the car to belt the fuck outta him and bite his fuckin middle finger off for flipping me off but he got to take off before I got to him. I got to admit that was stupid as I've never gotten that worked up before about anything and biting someone's digit off could have gotten me in a bit of strife.

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Probably not the first time she's gone on a power trip by creating a rolling roadblock, driving in the left lane without passing to hold up dozens of cars behind her.

That would actually kind of make sense as to why she's filming....maybe she likes to get the reaction of people when she pisses them off.

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