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Why are you an active member of this forum?


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Because ever since before I started school in Reception (UK Kindergarten) I've liked Guns N' Roses.

Sure, other bands and other songs were okay, but not in comparison with GN'R.

The first ever song I liked of any artist was You Could Be Mine, a song Baby Me called 'The Terminator Song' (on the Blue CD) (that's right, Baby Me had a CD player and a couple of Guns N' Roses CDs back in the day); there was the Blue One and the Yellow One, my favourite was the Blue One, because it had the only song I liked; You Could Be Mine "The Terminator Song" - I remember a time thinking Estranged was called 'The Water Song' - That must have came about after the release of their music video.

That was Baby Me's logic.

I remember liking a whole bunch of Guns N' Roses songs when I was baby.

Still to this day, I think Baby Me picked a good band to like.

Me and Guns N' Roses fanaticism go way back, I can remember when I was around 8 at a church BBQ telling these older girls I liked Guns N' Roses when they asked me what music I liked; by then Guns N' Roses were already old and they teased me for saying that was the music I liked, because it wasn't Take That...

Why did you join a Guns N' Roses forum?

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Why did I join a Guns N' Roses forum? It was just a website that I stumbled across when I was first getting into Guns N' Roses. Never did I think I'd still be an active poster ten years later. At first it was a cool place to come to talk about the band and learn a few new things, but beyond that I found myself coming back just for the community. Nowadays it's strictly the community that keeps me here. Sometimes I disappear for a bit if life gets in the way or if the band is in another period of inactivity, but I've met some cool people on here and like the atmosphere so I always come back.

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To be totally honest? I joined because I needed to find the original TWAT leak - I wasn't having any luck at thenewguns.com or whatever it was, that was the first GN'R forum I joined :lol: I only posted sporadically for a couple years after that, I guess I started getting more frequent when the Skwerl leaks happened. It's just a great community, I love chatting with you guys, about GN'R and everything else. And I've made some great friends here, a lot of whom I've been fortunate enough to meet up with in real life.

Oh yeah, and the party passes ;)

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Because I love GN'R. They'll always be my favourite band.

And Anything Goes. Folks like Dazey, Lenny, Red, Lithium, Pappy, mags etc make for good entertainment when I've got fuck else to do.

I never got into Facebook or Myspace. This place was my alternative.

And this.
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Guest Len B'stard

Waiting on updates for your gay porn career Snakes, tell me, when does shooting start on Charlie Wanker and the Willy Factory then? :lol:

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