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Best opener?

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I've seen PJ several times, and sometimes they open with a ballad...get the place kinda started on a mellow vibe, and then explode. And sometimes they just come out of the gates blazing.

I've seen "Release" as an opener and that was bad ass cause it just builds the crowd to a frenzy.

Also saw "Even Flow" as an opener and was let down, cause it's such a cliched over-played hit.

I think "Hail Hail" is a strong way to start.

For a while, they'd only play "Long Road" as an opener, and if it they didn't play it first, that meant you weren't gonna hear it. I was always so bummed....I never got to hear that one live and I fucking love that tune.

They did a few shows in 2000 opening with "Interstellar Overdrive"....that woulda been amazing!!

There was a killer version of "Betterman" in 06 where the crowd sang the first few verses and Eddie didn't even come in til the middle....goosebumps.....


Of the shows I've seen, I'd have to either go with the blast off of "Hail Hail" or the slow burn of "Release".......what do you guys think?

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