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Isn't it worrying that Guns' media coverage/public interest is very high at the moment, yet they're going to be welcomed by Axl in his current state?

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The return of Duff is gaining momentum.

You can't help but think just how much better of a time to be a GN'R fan it'd be if Axl was on form like say......4 years ago.

I personally see the masses thinking along the lines of "Nice to see Duff but Axl sounds terrible".

What do you think will come of it?

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It's not like if it were Slash where the music would actually sound different, with his owns style of solo... Or when Zakk joined them in 2011.

Izzy and Duffs guest appearances are cool for nostalgia and to look at on stage with Axl, but at the end of the day, the sound will be the same. It was great when Duff came out in London, but the sound wasn't different.

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