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Post your reaction if Slash was back in the band

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The same thing could've been said about Duff, and look how the sound innovated just from his addition to the zoo we call a band. Tommy is good and all but there is no chemistry in sight. Now with Slash, I think I'd be on the fence about it considering how much hopeless waiting, half baked ideas, speculation about legendary red pandas, forgotten broken promises, more speculation have been wasted. It would basicly be Axl trolling us for a decade and further split the fan base apart because some would approve and others would not. Count me out, let's stick to the original plan first then see where things go from there and for the love of god we're talking about album two and three. If everything fails screw it, sit down like men and talk differences out over a nice cup of tea otherwise dukes up but please make it viral for the whole community to see. This crap has been going on for far too long but otherwise it wouldn't be Guns N' Roses. Forgiveness would actually be at the top of my list but some midget in an airport told me Axl has a brutal pimp slap.

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