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I'll probably check it out because my son loves anything to do with Dinosaurs....and this one is featuring the Dinobots....so it'll be game on.

Personally, I found the last 2 Transformers to be almost identical in terms of plot, storylines, etc.....so hopefully this one breaks the mold a little more.

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Nice pics....must have been pretty sweet to see live.

On another note....is it me or have the last 3 Transformer films (including this one, apparently) had (more or less) the same plot?

Humans get angry at Transformers. They go into hiding. Optimus Prime is usually missing/dies/near dies.... until the bad guys show up. He comes back/gets better/comes back to life.... to save the day....and the humans seem to like him/them again.....??

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You have no idea how excited I am to see this movie. C'mon it has DINOBOTS!!!!

Transformers 1 movie kinda' sucked. The story was just ok but mostly focused on Humans (Sam) and didn't have enough Transformers in it.

Transformers 2 wasn't much better. It did have 100 times more CGI Elements in it but was made during a writers strike so the story was lacking.

Transformers 3 was by far the best one! Filled with action, a solid script, addition of new characters and a story based on the Mythos of Transformers!

Transformers 4 is going to be awesome! A new cast, new story, and all new Autobots and Decepticons.... Galvatron, Grimlock and Dinobots!!!!!

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In my opinion the trailers have all looked like absolute shit. I think this movie is gonna suck big time. they've all sucked. the only good part of them was the first 15 minutes of the first movie then they've all be a joke since. This is the biggest case ever of a franchise, albeit making tons of money, being completely fucked up. They could've done something really great with them but it's clear they never had any intention of doing that. All they cared about was making mindless stories with big flashy explosions. I would LOVE to enjoy one of these movies but the first 3 have been fucking terrible and I have no doubt this one will be as well.

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It's Transformers in not much besides name only- the fucking cartoon movie from 1986* that at the time was a giant shit on what we loved about Transformers is pure gold compared to these horrible movies.

* killed off all the Transformers that had made the "franchise" a hit in the first 20 minutes and thrust previously unseen, unlikeable douche Transformers in their place.

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