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Xscape - Album of the Year


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Why not.i dont see still something better.Until Guns surprise us and till the end of year have a New Album.Who knows

Why not? Well for one the modern remixes completely ruin the songs, and the originals, while good, were demos that he decided weren't good enough to be released when he was alive.

Secondly the two music acts you mentioned are a guy who has been dead for 5 years and a washed up band. There are plenty of better candidates.

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I once read somewhere that the guitar of "Do you know where your children are?" were played by Slash at the Dangerous sessions

That's false. It's played by... ummm... the name escapes me.... but it's not Saul Hudson.

Xscape is a good little album, as good as anyone could've hoped for considering the artist has been dead for half a decade. Probably the best pop album of the year. Best album of the year?? So far, this gets my vote:


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Is it appropriate for Michael Jackson have a song called "Do You Know Where Your Children Are?"

Seems a little awkward to me...

He sings "saying that he'll buy her things, while sexually abusing her."

If he were a pedo, it'd have taken a lot of gaul to record a song like that...

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