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Wolfmother: Yay or Nay?


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The year is 2006.

Actually 2006 was a pretty good year for music if I say so myself. GNR jumped back onto the scene and redeemed themselves. Also of note were the Arctic Monkey's debut album, The Black Parade by MCR, Back to Black by Amy Winehouse and Stadium Arcadium by the RHCP.

Also bursting onto the scene that year was Wolfmother. Their debut album's retro brand of hard-rock garnered acclaim from both fans and critics alike. This, combined with major touring, large sales and a Grammy, they were quickly labeled as, "The Next Big Thing."

And then they kinda fell out of stardom for a bunch of different reasons. A lineup overhaul, criticism of ripping off other bands, not changing their sound at all, retiring and then reinstating the name, etc. etc. Their second album didn't have near the impact of their debut and they just recently released their third album, New Crown, with no fanfare at all.

The reason I'm making this thread is because I just saw them on tour promoting their third album. While I'm on the subject of the third album, it's actually not bad. The sound hasn't changed of course and some songs suffer from spotty production or being obvious filler, but there's some killer material on there. As far as the live show goes, it's fucking killer. My ears are still ringing.

All Eagles-like criticisms aside, I enjoy Wolfmother. Do you? If you don't, why?

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