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GN'R @ The Felt Forum, NY - May 9th, 1988


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SHOW OF THE WEEK: GN'R @ The Felt Forum, NY - May 9th, 1988

Welcome to MYGNR's first "Show of the Week"! I've made the first to kick things off, but going forward, a member will be selected each week to create the thread (or as often as we get around to it).

If you have a show you'd like to submit, please submit a "pitch" to highvoltage via PM - the show, the setlist and a couple of lines listing why you think it should be the SOTW. It doesn't have to be GN'R.... it could be VR, Walking Papers or something else.

This week's show is GN'R's set from the Felt Forum, in May 1988. Even though the video is poor, the sound is great and the show is notable for several reasons... it's an electric performance from the original lineup, and (I feel) it captures the unrestrained, scrappy energy of the time before they started to burn out from touring.

Video thanks to GNRFrance. GNROntour have another version uploaded here.


- You're Crazy starts as the slow, bluesy version and morphs into the faster, AFD version after the second verse (starts at 1:12:30)

- Rare 1988 performance of Don't Cry, 3 years before it's release

- Slash. He's fucked up, but he's on. His solo in Brownstone is awesome.


It's So Easy
Move to the City
Mr. Brownstone
Out Ta Get Me
Rocket Queen
Used to Love Her
My Michelle
Welcome to the Jungle
Sweet Child O' Mine
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Slash Solo
Blues Jam
You're Crazy
Don't Cry
Mama Kin
Paradise City
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That whole performance of Brownstone is killer. I miss how Axl used to hold the notes in the chorus. He stopped doing that way back in the 90s if I remember right.

Anyone else find the AFD version of You're Crazy to be a bit underrated? It's always being called the worst song on AFD and shit like that. I love it, and it translates live wonderfully.

It's definitely not the worst song on AFD, but live performances are the only versions I enjoy much.

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Man, that's It's So Easy is awesome. Compare to this to Chicago '92 just 4 years later, where Duff's stoned out of his mind on the intro, Sorum's drumming nowhere near as good as Adler's... It's a shame the often bloated UYI shows are the one that are most prominent in the public perception of classic GNR and not these kick-ass AFD-era gigs.

Rocket Queen, dat bass :shades:

Axl has more interaction with the crowd in the first 5 minutes than in the past 4 years.

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SCOM kicked so much ass in '88. Don't think I've ever liked a live version since. That song needs Axl + Slash + Duff + Izzy + Adler.

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One of my all time favorite GNR shows, pure magic. The energy and momentum during that show is just second to none! The Appetite lineup was really something special

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Anyone else find the AFD version of You're Crazy to be a bit underrated? It's always being called the worst song on AFD and shit like that. I love it, and it translates live wonderfully.


This is maybe the coolest show of 1988

maybe even in the TOP5 for the AFD era GNR TOP 10 in classic GNR general

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The band liked it too:

Interviewer: When I saw you, you were improvising madly, Slash was really working out, Axl was dancing around all while Steven and Duff were plugging away seemingly in their own world. Yet at a certain point, you five stopped on a dime!

Izzy: It's amazing to me. That night at the Felt Forum in New York when you saw us was a particularly good night. I mean, sometimes we make bad mistakes onstage too. I remember in the old days we'd go so nuts we'd fall right off the stage. Sometimes we'd jump off the stage on purpose. You can't stay too tight when you do that!

Interviewer: I saw kids getting crunched up to the foot of the stage and having to be rescued by security guards. I saw kids hurling themselves on top of other people right in front of you. Does that happen at every gig?

Izzy: Oh, that was one of the more mellow gigs. In Europe, it's like a football game. Kids are flying through the air and landing on stage all the time.

Interviewer: How can you keep playing?

Izzy: It's not easy. Many times I'll be playing and some big kid will be hurtling through the air at 100 miles per hour right at me. I can't imagine what that must look like from the audience. But I'm sure it adds an excitement to the show. When these kids go flying past me and I never see it coming, it gives me a rush of adrenalin like you wouldn't believe.

Interviewer: That's downright dangerous!

Izzy: Sure it is. But it's also on the edge and that's what makes good rock 'n' roll.

Interviewer: That's what I like too. You never know what's gonna happen at a Guns N' Roses concert.

Izzy: We don't even know ourselves from one minute to the next. We don't even use a songlist anymore.

Interviewer: When Axl rode that bicycle across the stage, people freaked!

Izzy: I had no idea he would do that. It caught me by surprise [superstar facts, Interview with Izzy, 1988]

Axl: In New York I was late to the show at the Felt Forum because I'd passed out after drinking Nightrain and doing an MTV interview. I showered, did my vocal exercises and got dressed within 15 minutes and went to the gig. We got out of an $8,000 overtime debt because the barricades that separate the fans from the stage were set up wrong, and by the time they'd fixed it, I'd gotten there and everything was cool [Rip Magazine, April 1989].

[btw, this show took place on May 9, not May 5.]

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You're crazy is just plain under appreciated by both the band and the fans. Both version, Appetite and Lies are awesome, but I do prefer the acoustic version. It's a song that will get stuck in your head, which is a good thing.

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