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Queen to Release New Album With Unreleased Freddie Mercury Songs (rollingstone.com)


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I'm not sure what William Orbit was working with as far as Freddie and Michael's vocals go or what Queen recorded at the time. I'm sure it's been explained somewhere. Surprised State of Shock didn't make it - but they might have remixed that one for the Jacksons to do what they wanted with it.

Download worthy but not enough to warrant buying the CD. I'm happy they got The Rainbow out there and hoping for more live 70s era when he played a lot more piano. 2 things I can do without, more Magic tour footage and greatest hits repackages.

Freddie only wrote 2 songs on The Miracle, there was talk about something up with him, especially when they didn't tour - Was It All Worth It is reflecting on his career and kind of overlooked.

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Not hard to come by, More common than A Kind of Vision from A Kind of Magic, the demos of The Invisible Man, Headlong, and Ride the Wild Wind from The Miracle and Innuendo. Or early versions of The Kiss and Football Fight from Flash Gordon, showing they were similar songs at one time.

The best bonus disc from the first five albums in regard of stuff we hadn't already heard would be A Night at the Opera. The second batch of re-releases would probably be The Game or Hot Space. The last batch would probably be one of the last three, The Miracle, Innuendo, or Made in Heaven.

They really should have had stuff like Polar Bear, Silver Salmon, Hangman, Dog With a Bone, A New Life is Born, and if allowed, the version of Let Me Live with Rod Stewart.

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