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May 30, Las Vegas, NV - No Trickery!

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He just got a lifetime achievement award and a week later was scientifically named "the greatest singer of all time" even though it was just vocal range that little chart took off and a lot of people saw it and commented on it.

I think these two things have boosted Axl's moral. He is the guy that feels the media and everyone has tried to bring him down and now he is being lifted up again. Must feel good.

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What happened to Axl? :lol: really impressive ending considering his last years. The amount of rasp he used there exceeds the amount he used to sing that particular song for the past 2 years or so. Not only that, but the powerful vocal is also there...

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Its like 2009 warming up to 2010. Final Vegas shows should be worth going to imo

Sad thing is, after Vegas there's another break for who knows how long :(

You don't often see anyone grieving the end of touring on here :D

Let's hope the break is used to move a new record forward ;)

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