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May 30, Las Vegas, NV - No Trickery!

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You don't often see anyone grieving the end of touring on here :D

Let's hope the break is used to move a new record forward ;)

If the break is to lay some tracks for the new record, then I'm all for it. But it would be a shame if he just took some time off and then reappears for another tour all 'rusty'.

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Better late than never...

Just got home from VEGAS and here's my review from this show (in list format):

- right from landing there were ads everywhere. I even got a magazine with 1-page article and full page image of Axl! If you were in Vegas then you knew they were preforming.

- Reached the Hard Rock around 8:30pm and absolutely loved the vibe! It was my first time visiting that resort and it felt like home instantly. Very different vibe compared to the strip resorts (we stayed at Aria). GNR was in the air and everyone seems to be looking forward to the show!

- Merch table was being set up when we arrived so we opted to eat at the Lucky 24/7 diner and I had a great burger!

- Went back and purchased a t-shirt (red skull and roses) and a deck of GNR playing cards. Ended up getting a $5 chip as well from the blackjack table.

- The show itself was great! Didn't expect anything too different from the previous shows (from this Residency) but I got to see 4 songs that I've never seen live: UTLH, CW, WLR, and Seeker. I prefer WLR over Riff Raf so glad they played it! Seeker is amazing and I hope they put out a studio version of it!

- From the CD songs TIL probably got the biggest reaction from the audience. It was a bit of a snoozefest during Catcher - although I was loving it!

- They came on just after 11pm which was great. Sounded amazing and Axl was in a great mood, joking and laughing most the night.

- I was really hoping for TWAT...

- The show was about 2:45 minutes. I felt that they should scale it back to about 2:20 minutes as it a little too long. Get rid of a solo or 2 (not Dizzy's or Richard's though as they were the best imo). KOHD is too long as well.

- I though Duff would come on for a song or 2 but it didn't affect my enjoyment.

- Decided not go the Saturday show as I didn't think it would be different enough and with limited time in Vegas there is so much to do in so little time. Sure it would have been nice to see a whole show with Duff but basing it off of just the setlist I still choose to see the Friday show over Duff's Saturday show (no UTLH or WLR played at Duff's).

- Our seats were great (3rd row seated) but something's gotta be done about the *smartphone* situation. For the first 20 minutes all I saw was phones and cameras! Very annoying and it obstructed my view...

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