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Vegas gets EPIC, GNR close in on all-time record

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Guest NGOG

For MyGNRForum, last night's edition of GNR No Trickery came very close to being the perfect show. Only days ago, the community was deeply excited by the reintroduction of Prostitute and Yesterdays; but last night, the band went one further--by bringing back There Was A Time.

Key to the renewed sense of enthusiasm - and the appeasement of Axl's critics - is the increasing strength of his vocal performance. Choosing to tackle two incredibly testing songs, Rose was totally in control.


With a distinct air of gratitude, MyGNRForum was able to witness There Was A Time in the moment (due to the live stream provided by a member of our board):

In tribute to the late Doc Neeson, they also performed a cover by The Angels--Marseilles:

For all of you stat nerds out there, GNR performed for a crazy 3 hours and 23 minutes. To put that in perspective, they were a mere 10 minutes away from staging the longest GNR show ever.

With one show of GNR No Trickery remaining, fans are wondering what else may be in store...



01. Chinese Democracy

02. Welcome to the Jungle

03. It's So Easy

04. Mr. Brownstone

05. Estranged

06. There Was A Time

07. Better

08. Rocket Queen

Richard Fortus guitar solo

09. Live and Let Die

10. This I Love

11. Used To Love Her

12. Holidays in the Sun

Band introductions.

Dizzy Reed piano solo

13. Catcher in the Rye

14. You Could Be Mine

Dj Ashba guitar solo (Bella Vita)

15. Sweet Child O' Mine

Jam (Baby I'm Gonna Leave You w/While My Guitar Gently Weeps)

Jam (Layla)

16. November Rain

17. Abnormal

18. Don't Cry

19. Marseilles

20. Prostitute

21. Riff Raff

22. Yesterdays

23. Civil War

24. Knockin' On Heaven's Door

25. Nightrain


26. You Can't Always Get You Want (Tommy on vocals, jam that turned into a whole song)

27. Patience

28. The Seeker


29. Paradise City

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