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AXL ROSE featured in BUDWEISER World Cup ad

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Budweiser have just released a star-studded World Cup ad:

Seconds into the video, you see a familiar looking bodyguard (who is in fact Brazil's beloved UFC legend, Anderson Silva).

Shortly after, you watch a band comprised of Gary Cahill, Samuel Eto'o and Hulk (professional footballers who will be participating in the World Cup). In a manner similar to Cypress Hill, they perform a 'rap version' of Paradise City.

As the track draws to a halt, Hulk lobs a guitar pick into the crowd. Surrounded by a few models, Axl Rose catches the pick (using it to open his Budweiser). In recognition of the footballers' performance, Axl raises his Budweiser in toast.


Tell us what you think! http://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?/topic/207745-axl-is-on-budweiser-advertising/

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