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Favourite/Favorite soft drinks.


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This shit is the BEES KNEES but gives me a terrible hangover after I am done drinking one. Fuck. It's withdrawal but the slight buzz feels good. Other than that maybe a root beer on an extremely rare basis.

What does that flavor actually taste like?

Sweetened, cold sugar with a hint of creamed coffee, chemicals and regret.

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Coke, the glass bottles are great (don't know if they're chemically different formulas at all, but for some reason I like them better).

yeah i agree, something about those glass bottles just make them taste better.

favorite: coca cola

hate: mountain dew

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I've never gotten the idea that Coke tastes better in a glass bottle. I personally find it to taste best from a fountain.

There's more sugar in the fountain variety.

And sugar, when something is cold and carbonated, is much more flavourful.

Drink flat Coke and you almost die of sugar overload.

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Nothing better than pouring Coke over ice from a glass bottle. I am so glad they sell them everywhere now. Pepsi in a glass bottle tastes almost as good.

I think taste does depend on where it is stored.

Glass>Plastic bottle>can. Can is good if you pour it or drink it fast from the can.

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Guest Len B'stard

btw, I appreciate that you used both spellings of 'favorite'. I might not've known what you were going for if you'd used only one. :)

It's an example of the variations you'll find in English, the language.


I like English.

English is a language they speak in England.

Its a good language.

They have words for things...and then for other things, they have different words.

Some words mean the same thing but are spelled different.

And some mean different things and are spelled different.

Jamaicans change it, so wigwam becomes 'how do you do sir, would you care for a cup of tea?' instead of it's traditional interpretation as a native americans natural habitat.


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