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Quentin Tarantino pulls an Axl Rose


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^ He did? Fuck me. I FUCKING KNEW IT. I ALWAYS KNEW IT!!! :P It's like camera kept wanting to fuck her in most all scenes in Kill Bill and specially Pulp Fiction. I recall looking into whether or not there had been a relationship. They both seemed to offer " just friends" remarks always.

I never give a fuck about whom and where and how some cunts in Holywood fuck one another. Yet, Somehow I sincerely like knowing these two are together:)

Absolutely not a slightest idea what this thread has to do with Axl Rose though.

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Quentin married Uma? Wow! I didn't hear that.

Yeah, he said during the filming of Pulp Fiction he had a thing for her, but she was married and he said the time passed.

I guess his feelings never went away and hers came for him. Cool!

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