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I can't wait to see it. As a huge fan of Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight, I admire Linklater to once again take on such a beautiful project. In a world where time is money and money is everything, it's so great to see a man dedicate 12 years on a film like this one. He's a man that truly lives for his art and craft.

So... has anyone seen it ?

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I haven't seen it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I've known about it since 2008, or maybe 2009. I remember I used to joke "It'd be a shame if the world really does end in 2012. That's a lot of years wasted on the movie." Glad to hear that it's been getting good reviews though. I can't imagine how crippling it'd be to have 12 years worth of work lambasted by critics and general viewers. Looking forward to finally seeing it, gonna be neat to actually watch as these people grow older.

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This is such a great, beautiful movie. Went to see it yesterday and enjoyed it thoroughly. Just a beautiful story of a boy growing up in Texas. Really a movie that makes you think about life and how we try to live it, how we're affected by the things that happen around us, how timing is crucial, how people can change (or not).

It's wonderful to see the characters and the actors develop through the years, interweaved with actual events from the last 12 years. You automatically think about your own life during that time, and how it's evolved. It truly is a masterpiece, a unique movie that everyone should see.

When it comes out on dvd, I will certainly buy it and watch it again.

Only thing that annoyed me, was the audience. (maybe that particular audience shouldn't have seen this film.) People were laughing at totally inappropriate times. Stupid people. Something really deep is being said that makes you think about life => hilarious laughter. :huh: We rarely go to the cinema, and if we do, we usually go in the afternoon, because then we're almost alone. Now I remember why we began doing that.

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