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Where do we go now?

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So a point to be made, why can there be no reunion...hmm, creative differences in electronic vs guitar based rock? Appetite over n over to be the next stones or Aerosmith and go forever on dead inside after fame and fortune, Or was it that slash was afraid of Axl's piano ability and versatility overshadowing his limelight? Theres brilliant demos of only piano November rain with vocals as well as acoustic guitar demos of NR.

it can't be overstated that Slash left while the illusion lineup was working shit out behind the scenes, his decision to take the material for snakepit may be the broken nerve in axl and pivitol moment in slash's eventual decision to run away from it all. Thats selfish because izzy made an effort to give it a try again. Slash quit the job after being a snake and taking material away from the band, and the rest lost interest with no one to replace him ever...thats why hes alone now with none of the VR members giving a rats ass anymore because its petty. Slash wants to just play whatever he wants, well he is, and its not terrible but its not even appetite or trying to be anything else for that matter. he will play the blues rock till he dies unless he finds his creative drive again. That brings the point to all this, there is little creative drive in any member of gnr past-present.

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