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MyGNR's "Top 10 GN'R Songs" VOTING THREAD... "Round One!"

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Prostitute got a decent number of votes, but missed the top 10 by a little bit. IIRC it got around 30 votes and most of the top ten were around 50 +.

The #1 song actually won by a landslide... I'm curious to see whether the same thing happens here.

I'm a little surprised that SCOM is losing. Fine with me, just surprised. The most I've enjoyed that song in recent years is when Randy Ram makes his final ring entrance. It made for a great climax.

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i pretty much had a feeling this is what would happen - most fans on these forums love the big tunes, but obviously, being a fan forum, there are going to be way more people voting for the so-called 'deep cuts' (like estranged) versus the big radio jams like Paradise City (which didn't get many votes, tbh). Not because they're bad songs, but because die-hard fans are perhaps burnt out on them to a degree, and would prefer to give adoration to the lesser-known tracks.

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