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Red Roses Black - My Old Band


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Been meaning to post these awhile ago. I was in a band called Red Roses Black (a name I had nothing to do with, was chosen long before I joined). Figured for those interested you can check out some of our old tracks.

The Void Inside is a song I co-wrote with the lead singer, Sean Andrews, who is a ridiculously talented guy. Contributed some melody lines. Always loved the guitar solo that starts half way through the song and the outro that follows.

Off Course is a song that I wrote the music. The lead singer in my band wrote the lyrics, chorus, and bridge.

Here is our cover of Mad World, originally by Tears for Fears:

If you like these I can post some more.

FYI, we disbanded in 2010 as a result of two members wanting out. We were two months from our showcases with Sony and Universal but our bass and guitar player didn't want to do it anymore and focus on school instead. We had a good five year run, but I just couldn't stick around and rebuild. I was going to be turning 30 around this time and couldn't afford to devote much more time to the project if we were forced to rebuild.

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